ResearchWriteNZ - History Research Services

Dr Jennie Coleman
Founding Director

ResearchWriteNZ specialises in the history of people,
places and events in Dunedin, regional Otago
and the South Island of New Zealand.


Find answers to your questions
quickly, easily and economically. 

ResearchWriteNZ provides an independent research service with specialist knowledge and experience to help you
find those answers - wherever they may lurk.


Breathe life into your family stories.

The ResearchWriteNZ process will help you to create an engaging narrative from the details of your genealogy. Our writing service is designed to meet the needs of your family history.


Get excited about history!  

ResearchWriteNZ presents a seasonal programme of seminars on a broad range of topics
in New Zealand's social and cultural history. Subscribe to our Newsletter for advance details
and dates of forthcoming programmes.

Relive emigrant voyages. Encounter colourful characters.
great exhibitions. Re-engage with Dunedin industries.

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